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  • A match made in Africa: white wine and an 11-year old

    Can you imagine being only 11 years old and already know that you want to have a career in the wine industry? That’s the experience that Danielle Coetsee had as she watched her uncle work in the vineyard and the winery.  And when she got older and applied to university as an engineering student, she […]

  • Beer and wine and The Drunken Grape®!
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    Beer and wine and The Drunken Grape®!

    Today’s guest, Rob Statham, is as funny as he is articulate about wine, beer, and why he’s doing what he’s doing. Rob loves to share his knowledge and make whatever event he’s hosting – be it live or virtual – fun, educational, and interesting. Our conversation ranged from how you put on virtual wine tastings […]

  • Mount Olympus is calling!
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    Mount Olympus is calling!

    Mount Olympus? The Aegean Sea? History and culture going back thousands and thousands of years? Wine that’s fit for the gods? That’s what we’re talking about in my conversation with Alexandra Anthidou, who is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Association of Northern Greek Winemakers. Alexandra has what many would see as a […]

  • Part 2: Chocolate love, with thanks to my mom

    Judith Lewis is about as passionate as you can get about wine and food. (Listen to Part One if you want to hear how Judith’s mom forced her to taste everything and why she’s grateful for it.) Judith loves wine AND chocolate, and she is an international judge of both products. She gives us some […]

  • Nadia Dubeau: wine, mushrooms, and real estate

    Nadia Dubeau is going places. She’s worked in the wine industry in one way or another for over 15 years and is determined that nothing will stop her. Nadia has travelled the world. She has studied winery and viticulture practices at college in Niagara, Ontario, and has successfully completed Master’s level viticulture courses in ITALIAN […]

  • Jennifer Wilhelm: from terrified server to author

    It’s hard to believe that when Jenn Wilhelm started her journey in the wine industry that she was a terrified young woman who couldn’t pronounce the names of grapes, let alone the places where the grapes were grown and the wine was made. Yet here she is now, enjoying an unbelievably rich life. Jenn was […]

  • Part 1: Everything I taste in wine I have Mom to thank

    Judith Lewis is about as passionate as you can get about wine and food. Doesn’t smell right? Don’t eat it or drink it (thanks, Mom). Digitize the world of wine? Judith’s passionate about it. Helping wineries handle climate change? – Judith’s working on it. Looking to taste wines in Majorca, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Greece, and other […]

  • Learn about the Wine Behind The Scenes podcast
  • Wine Behind The Scenes [introduction]

    Do you love wine, food, travel and fascinating stories? Then you’re in the right place.  Welcome to the Wine Behind The Scenes Podcast where you can escape into stories about wine, and the passion and people behind it.  Join me Laurel Simmons! Do you love wine? Are you curious about what’s behind a particular wine, […]

  • This wine doesn’t taste the same

    This wine doesn’t taste the same

    Have you ever heard those words coming out of your mouth? It usually happens after you’ve been to a wine tasting or restaurant, or perhaps you’ve been to a party. The wine you’ve been served is absolutely fantastic and you can’t wait to buy a bottle and open it up at home! You buy the […]