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  • Fear and how to be a wine judge

    Fear and how to be a wine judge

    Could you be a judge at an international wine competition? That sounds like a leading question – the answer for me is yes, I can and I just was at the Berliner Wine Trophy in Berlin, Germany this past August of 2022. However, if you had asked me that question 10 years ago, or even […]

  • Learn about the Wine Behind The Scenes podcast
  • This wine doesn’t taste the same

    This wine doesn’t taste the same

    Have you ever heard those words coming out of your mouth? It usually happens after you’ve been to a wine tasting or restaurant, or perhaps you’ve been to a party. The wine you’ve been served is absolutely fantastic and you can’t wait to buy a bottle and open it up at home! You buy the […]

  • To Pour or To Porron? My Encounter with the Spanish Wine Pitcher

    Once upon a time in a far away land, a family sat down for dinner. “Father,” cried the son, “I have worked hard in the fields all day and I am thirsty.” “Father,” cried the daughter, “I have looked after the animals all day and I have helped prepare our meals. I am thirsty too.” […]

  • Different Shades of Red

    Different Shades of Red

    Ruby red, scarlet, light red, fuchsia, brick red, garnet, pale red. There are so many shades of red when it comes to red wine! But what does it mean? Do the colours make any difference to the taste? Does a deep ruby red wine taste different than a rusty red wine? The answer might surprise […]