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  • From coconut water to wine (Part 2)

    From coconut water to wine (Part 2)

    As a result of studying winemaking in Europe, Aniruddha Rajagopalan has traveled around the world, experiencing different cultures and learning different languages. Along the way, he built friendships and a network of passionate wine enthusiasts. Passion and hard work are behind the best wines he tasted and enjoyed. After working for both big and small […]

  • From coconut water to wine (Part 1)

    From coconut water to wine (Part 1)

    Tinkering with coconut water and life in the laboratory was not what Aniruddha Rajagopalan was meant to do. Instead, he became a winemaker. The funny thing is, he had no exposure to wine growing up. The alcoholic beverages that he knew were popular in India were spirits and beer. Indian people consume far less wine […]

  • Top 10 Wine Experiences for 2022

    Top 10 Wine Experiences for 2022

    We are all looking forward to what the new year has in store for us. However, now is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished during this year. What makes the wine industry worthwhile is the people, passion, and experiences that come with the pleasure of tasting, drinking, and enjoying wine. Laurel […]

  • The Vines, the Greek and the English girl (Part 2)

    Passion plays an important role in the success of a winemaking business. Continuous education, further study, and research contribute to consistent innovation. Growing your business is a great opportunity for you to grow as a business owner as well. As new wineries sprout, you need to stay relevant by continually evolving. That said, doing other […]

  • The Vines, the Greek and the English girl (Part 1)

    Getting on that flight to Greece many summers ago changed Anne Kokotos’ life. Along with meeting a Greek husband, she fell in love with Greece. Soon, she began learning the language, which led to a life spent in vineyards, winemaking, and running her own business. Despite not knowing much about winemaking at the start, she […]

  • The sommelier from the other side of the volcano

    Most of us overlook our sense of smell, but not for those in the wine industry. Learning what something tastes and smells like takes a great deal of practice. And that is something of importance to sommeliers. Grape varieties vary widely from region to region and country to country, so it pays to practice and […]

  • Building a winery in a non-wine location – following a calling

    It’s interesting to note that in the process of making wine, grape vines planted within a meter distance of each other taste differently. Which means winemaking can be as fascinating as growing grapevines. This week is the story about the origin of a place, Prince Edward County and how it came out to be what […]

  • From sommelier to winemaker – following a calling

    If you were told you could never be an expert, and you are never enough, how would that make you feel? Instead of feeling disheartened, our podcast guest this week, Keith Tyers, felt challenged. Despite being told he can’t do anything, he rose above it. And all that doubt? He proved them wrong. Let’s join […]

  • The accidental Wine Princess

    The accidental Wine Princess

    Can you imagine being 17 years old, standing on a stage in your hometown, and being named a Wine Princess? And not having a clue what you’re doing? That’s the experience of today’s guest, Sabine Wagner, who was not only a Wine Princess for two years but ultimately became her town’s Wine Queen. From there, […]

  • A match made in Africa: white wine and an 11-year old

    Can you imagine being only 11 years old and already know that you want to have a career in the wine industry? That’s the experience that Danielle Coetsee had as she watched her uncle work in the vineyard and the winery.  And when she got older and applied to university as an engineering student, she […]