Laurel and her husband Daniel are the driving force behind this story. After 33 years of residence in Ottawa, Ontario, they relocated to Niagara-on-the-Lake – a very significant change their lives – where Laurel was able to focus full-time on the study of wine-making and viticulture at Niagara College. Prior to enrolling in college, Laurel was a consultant who traveled the world dealing with content management for large multi-nationals. With a full-on passion and dream to start showing others what it was like to discover the world through experiencing wine, Laurel stopped her work as a consultant and put all of her energy into her studies.

During her time at school, Laurel worked in the vineyards, worked at tasting bars, worked in the cellars, on the bottling line, and above all in the winery making wine! She has also invested heavily in improving her wine-tasting abilities by taking an intensive Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 3 course in Florence, Italy (which she passed with flying colours!) She has done all this so that she can expand her experience and knowledge of wine. With this knowledge fully at hand, she and Daniel decided to offer special wine tours called "Wine DeTours". After scouting the original locations for the tours they realized it was time to add more locations. As the team behind the tours grew, so did the itinerary. What began as a smaller, custom tour plan was growing to include more regions and more "off the beaten path" wineries. 

The experiences that Laurel and the team had at these locally sources wineries are what created Wine DeTours which are offered through Creative Travel & Tours of Stoney Creek, Ontario. These tours are a winery experience like no other where the opportunities to discover hidden gems are endless! Come join us for your once-in-a-lifetime tour!