During my travels, I have picked up quite a bit of fun wine information and wine trivia. I thought it would be fun to share some of it with all you wine lovers! Try to answer these questions on your own if you can, it's quite fun what you might discover!

1. Which country has the largest amount of land covered by vineyards?

Answer: Spain. Yes, Spain. That is definitely not the first country I thought of when I learned about this, but it’s true. Spain has approximately 1,154,000 hectares of vineyards or approximately 2,851,000 acres planted with vine grapes (Ref. The Oxford Companion to Wine, 3rd edition 2006, edited by Jancis Robinson).

2. What’s the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold?

Answer: It depends which publication you check and of course, the date of that publication. Just for fun, I checked a number of sources. A bottle of CHÂTEAU LAFITE, 1787 went for $156,450 US (why? Because Thomas Jefferson had etched his initials on it.) If you serve SIX glasses of wine from that bottle, you would be serving $26,075 worth of wine. Gulp!

3. What does the term “vintage” refer to? For example, when you see “Vintage 2012” on a bottle?

Answer: That’s the year when the grapes were picked. It’s not the year the wine was bottled and it’s not the year the wine was released. It’s a good way to figure out what the quality of the wine might be because you can check out what the weather conditions were for that vintage. If it was suitable conditions for the grapes that went into your wine, then chances are you’re going to be happy with the quality of the wine.

4. How many grapevines in the world are grafted (a grapevine plant attached to a different root stock)?

Answer: 85% of the world’s wine grapevines are grafted. Why? Because of a little pest called phylloxera that was sent from North America to Europe long before anyone knew that sending plant material between different countries might not be such a good idea. That little bug infected almost all the vineyards around the world, and the only way to solve the problem was to graft European grapevines used for wine-making onto North American rootstock. Now there's a fun fact to share at your next wine tasting!

5. How many atmospheres are contained in a bottle of sparkling wine?

Answer: Three to six. That’s why the glass bottles made for champagne, cava and other sparkling wines are so thick and heavy. They have to be to keep the bottles from exploding. And given the amount of pressure in a bottle, it’s also a really good idea NOT to throw a bottle of champagne in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day and then park in the sun. You don’t want the bottle to explode!

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