Our clients often ask what wine should be served with the traditional holiday turkey dinner. I usually chuckle and tell people to serve whatever THEY like and not worry too much about it. After all, big holiday meals are about the family and friends you’re sharing food with, NOT the wine that’s on the table.

Having said that, I understand why you’d want to have the right wine pairing on the table. After all, you put your hosting skills to the test and have gone to a lot of trouble to make that festive feast so that everyone enjoys their time together.

So when I hear people ask about pairing a wine with holiday dinners, I assume that they're looking for something a little different, otherwise, why ask? Here’s what I suggest... rosé! Yes, rosé (France, Italy, the US/Canada) or rosado (Spain).

I am NOT suggesting that you run out and buy a Zinfandel (which can be rather sweet) or a typical sweet rosé wine. I am suggesting that you think about something really different that will work wonderfully well with the white meat and the dark meat, as well as all the accompanying side dishes (like that delicious gravy recipe we all enjoy!)

I fell in love with French rosé, and again in Spain, during my travels there. I thought I knew what rosé was all about – boy was I wrong! The French drink rosé at every opportunity they get... they drink it with heavy meals and light meals, with fatty meats and lean meats. The same with the Spanish... they drink rosé with their tapas and stews and sausages and cheeses – the list goes on and on.

The bad news? Sometimes it’s hard to find a nice rosé in stores outside of Europe during the winter season. The good news? There is an abundance of sparkling rosé! Buy a fabulous pink cava from Spain (one of my favourites come from the Codorniu cellars) for a beautiful turkey pairing. When picking your wine, you want something not too sweet and slightly acidic (in order to cut through the fats of your holiday meal).

I guarantee there is nothing like putting some bottles of sparking rosé on your holiday table. It’s festive, it tastes great, it complements almost everything you can think of and best of all, they’ll have really great wine to toast you with!